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About Owner Alex Echevarria


Hello, I’m Alex.

My journey with dog training began twelve years ago when I found himself taking care of my sister’s brand new puppy, “Max” on a temporary basis. Max came from a litter of pups that were very aggressive by nature, and it took a lot of time, learning, and patience to transform him into the dog he is today.

That time with Max was both challenging and rewarding — but I emerged from it with a newfound passion for training dogs and a desire to share that passion with other owners who were struggling with the training process.

So began a mentoring program under Jeff and Yael Morgan, Owners of “Howlywood” Dog Rehabilitation Center in Ra’anana Israel, where I earned my Certification in Basic Behavior.

I’ve since continued my education and knowledge for “all things dog” through seminars and shadow programs, expanding my skill set to include E-collar obedience, confidence building exercises, group socialization, aggression and more. I always look forward to learning from other great trainers, training methods, and most importantly: dogs! Dogs are always willing to teach us something new about ourselves as dog trainers, as dog lovers, and as people.


Training Services

Onward Basic

The Onward Basic program consists of two sessions (approximately three hours in total) and covers three major concepts that will serve as a foundation for your new relationship with your dog.

  1. Spatial Pressure, Body Language, and Movement. We will breakdown the simple principles of spatial pressure (Using your body to block, redirect and invite movement), and body language that will give you a new language with which to converse with your dog. This new form of interaction will transform the way your dog behaves in key areas of your relationship such as entering and exiting doorways, entering and exiting crates and kennels, and leash-walking.

  2. Leash Pressure. We will focus on transforming your leash from a simple restraining device into a communication tool. Your dog will learn that yielding to leash pressure leads to a variety of rewarding situations.

  3. Focus. Using verbal “markers” and rewards, we will emphasize to your dog that all good things in life come from focusing on you, the owner. By giving your dog a positive association with your movement, your voice and your eye contact, we can build a solid relationship built on trust and respect.

Onward Basic Program (2 sessions): $275
(Additional follow-up sessions: $125)

Onward Complete

The Onward Complete Package builds upon the same foundation established in the Onward Basic program, but dives further into applying the basic concepts into various obedience commands. Spanning 5 sessions over a 5 week period, Onward Complete covers the Onward Basic behavior principals as well as obedience commands such as: “Sit”, “Down”, “Place” (Go to your bed) and Recall (Come when called). Not only will your dog learn HOW to perform these commands, but you will learn how to use these commands to access a more peaceful, calm, engaged state of mind. We will begin to build reliability in these commands by infusing duration, distance and distractions into the learning process. The goal of Onward Complete is to give you a blueprint for a reliable, balanced, harmonious relationship with your dog.

Onward Complete (5 Sessions):$525 (Save $75)



"I had a great experience working with Onward. Over the course of six weeks Alex worked with me to develop better communication with my dog and explained the triggers that caused bad behavior. He suggested a number of different training tools to aid in correcting unwanted behavior, and worked with me to identify those that fit my budget and comfort level. Alex described the motivation behind my dog’s unwanted reactions and gave me specific steps to take to correct the behavior, showing me each correction, and then monitoring my interaction with the dog to ensure I had understood correctly. Alex also gave me some easy, fun exercises to do with my dog that developed my authority and led to better communication between us. As a result of Alex’s training I am more confident with my dog and know that I have the right tools to manage his behavior, and my dog is less nervous, happier and much more obedient."

— Denise James (3 year old Collie Mix)

If your dog needs training, Onward is the place to go!

"We recently adopted a German Shepherd puppy named Roxie and wanted to train her right from the start. We got into contact with Alex at Onward Dog, and did the initial basic behavior training. Even after the first session we learned a lot as dog owners and what we need to do to train our puppy. We saw results and felt confident right away that we are on the right track to having a wonderfully trained dog! We’ve had Alex back for several follow up sessions with Roxie and the results are fantastic. If you need dog training, Onward Dog is the place to go!"

— Greg Volpe (1 year old German Shepherd)

Alex came up with attainable solutions in a fun, upbeat tempo.

"We are grateful to Alex at Onward for the amazing transformation of our gregarious, mind-of-his-own lab Wilson. Alex was really attentive and patient listening to our concerns. He came up with attainable solutions in a fun, upbeat tempo. We recommend Onward Dog’s “human training” and “dog training” without hesitation."

Maureen and Bill McCann (2 year old Labrador)

A rare combination of knowledge and intuition!

"As a dog behaviorist, I’ve worked with thousands of troubled dogs and owners and have trained many working dog behaviorists. Alex however is a different species of behaviorist. There are some people that need to work years before they “get it” but Alex seems to get it intuitively, which is the best behaviorist to have when dealing with an animal that doesn’t speak our language. Alex has that rare combination of knowledge and intuition, which enables him to be flexible when dealing with a wide variety of behavior issues and doggy temperaments. I highly, highly recommend Alex for all of your dog’s behavioral and training needs. He not only will help with your dog, he will provide a comfortable and amusing environment for you."

— Jeff Morgan (Dog Behaviorist and Owner of Howlywood – Dog Behavior and Boarding Center Ra'anana, Israel)